Thursday, May 22, 2008

Washington City Community Center

Baby swings in the water. The water in this area is only between 4-8 inches deep.
Slides in the baby area, Andrew LOVED these.
A palm tree that sprinkles water. In the background you can see the stairs going up to the Hydo-tube and then the opening underneath where you come out of the hydo-tube. Sammy LOVED this.
Huge playgound in the water.
Very large dump bucket above the playground. It dumps probably at least once a minute and supposedly hold 317 gallons of water.
This is the new community center that opened to the public Tues. They had free admittance for everyone on Tues. and Wed. so we took the kids and went yesterday. The entire facility is 110,000 sq. ft. It has 3 full size gyms, an indoor track, weight and cardio facilities and a spin room. It also has a huge rock climbing wall, day-care, pre-school, and the aquatic center which is supposedly the largest in-door aquatic center in the state. The whole thing cost $15.5 million to build. Now we don't have to go to the "dolly parton", Sand Hollow Aquatic Center, anymore and pay non-resident prices! :) This is where we are going to be playing all summer!

Viracon Family Day

So, this isn't a great picture but you can see the lovely butterfly Sammy had the clowns paint on her face.
This is Andrew's Alien balloon hat the clowns made for him.
Viracon had their annual family day last Sat. Everything was free and it was quite an event. They had clowns, bounce houses, a free meal , drinks, snow cones, cotton candy, popcorn, and gave a tour of the plant. They also had drawings for a lot of giveaways. Unfortunately we didn't win any of the kid stuff. Or any of the really awesome grown-up stuff. I know they gave away a laptop computer and were supposed to be giving away a 42 in. plasma screen tv but we left after we won our prize, a $30 gift certificate to Ruby River. At least it wasn't the free golf balls or a free t-shirt and ball cap! haha Overall we had a good time. It was very hot and everything was outside but the kids loved all the free candy and goodies and didn't want to leave.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Sammy helped Andrew get all ready for his big pre-school graduation yesteray, she shined his shoes, fingernails, face, ears...anything she could. I told her that he had a bath that morning and was clean but she wanted to make sure he would really shine! Their theme was "I am a Star" so she made sure he would really shine! We are hoping this is just the first of many graduations yet to come. Grandma Cluett says at least 4 more, Elementary, Jr. High, High School, and College. Grandpa Cluett and Dad said he has to have at least a Master Degree or preferably a PhD.
The whole class at the beginning of their program reciting the Pledge of Allegiance
His diploma, program, napkin, and graduation bear.
Class posing with their graduation caps and Teacher Jackie.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sammy's Report

Yesterday we wen to Sammy's class to listen to her give her report on Lemurs. She did such a great job! This is the picture she drew to go along with her report. We are so proud of her!

Mother's Day

Mom thought it was a shame that she was the only one that would get to see the beautiful Mother's Day flowers that Danny sent her. So I figured I could post them on here and lots of people would get to see them.

More birthday fun....

What a handsome big guy!
Not sure if they were sharing or fighting!
Stink bug crawl across the cold, hard tile.
Reading one of his new books.

Drake's 1 year birthday.

Hannah and Drake helping Grandma with the clean-up after dinner.
Drake and daddy blowing out the candle on his cake.
Enjoying his cake and ice cream in the same high chair both of my kids celebrated their first birthdays!
Playing ball with dad.
I think this was his favorite present!

More of the Field Trip

They got to blow a tin can off the muffler of a tractor by counting to 3 and then yelling "Johnny Popper".
They also got to sit on one of the tractors they had there on display.
Afterwards we went to a park for lunch and Sammy decided to have a little fun dancing on the bench! Overall it was a great day, although riding a bus full of Second graders is not a peaceful ride! Their principal came in before we left and told Sammy's class he had received a call from the Pres. of the United States saying any parents that would volunteer to go on a second grade field trip was very brave and their service could be used next on a tour of duty to Iraq. I don't think the kids new what to think of that. They have a very interesting principal!
Then we ended the week with an early Sat. morning. Sammy volunteered to walk in the parade. It was bright and Ryan couldn't see well so we only got a shot of her from the nose down, she is the one on the right with the black shoes. But we found out yesterday that they won the prize for the best parade entry and will be getting a trophy.

Cotton Days

So this whole past week we have been celebrating Cotton Days which is basically a celebration of Washington City's history. We started Mon. night with a family night in the park. We got a free ice cream cone, played some fun games (Ryan and Andrew were even on the local news station) and then had a run fireworks display.
On Wed. I went with Sammy's class on a field trip to learn about some of the original things done and used in Washington City. This is Sammy tasting the Sorghum Molasses, she thought it was VERY DISGUSTING!!
They learned about animals, this is a 28 year old Horse that Sammy loved.
They played some fun games, this is a 4-way tug of war.
And this is a class picture by one of the old fire trucks.

Summer is on the way....

Boy have we been having a LOT of fun! First we had cupcakes because Andrew has a summer birthday so he got to celebrate this month at Preschool. It so happened that it was on May 6th, Nicole's birthday, so we all had a cupcake in celebration of her birthday.
Andrew jumping in and having MaKayla catch him.
Mike, MaKayla, and Hannah

Ryan had to go to Dugway from Thurs. to Sun. But the kids and I went to Mesquite on Sat. and had lots of fun with his family. We, well mostly the kids becuase the water was WAY too cold, went swimming and went to a movie, Nim's Island--really cute, and then on Sun. everyone came to our house and had pizza and Hannah was the first to have a real bath in our new luxury size sink!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Hinckley Challenge

SO, I did it! I took the Hinckley Challenge to read the Book of Mormon in 97 days in honor and rememberance of our Beloved Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley. I actually started a day or two late because that was when I got the email. The challenge doesn't end until May 10th but I finished reading on April 30th. The overall goal was to read 5 Million pages but so far they are only at about 3.39 million. So all you that are reading make sure you update your progress.