Thursday, May 28, 2009

Inside pictures

We didn't get a really good one of just Sammy and I

He was trying to do pictures of Ryan and I and Andrew was hiding behind us trying to get in the picture. SO CUTE!

There are several good ones of Ryan and Andrew

Ryan is a little cheesy in this one but it is a GREAT one of Andrew!
Sammy and I just aren't quite as photogenic as the boys!

Family Pictures

Well after nearly 3 1/2 years we finally got some family pictures taken. Thanks Wayne from Wayne Photography for taking them! We are SO happy with them. Here are a couple of other poses.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hair Cut

Summers here, we had our family pictures done so it was time for a haircut for Sammy this is the back side of her new A line cut.

This is a front/side view.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So much fun......

Saturday was the Viracon work party at the Washington City Community Center. We had good food, fun swimming, a break for a t-ball game and just 4 hours FUN! Unfortunately we only won a windbreaker. They were giving away tvs, laptops, digital cameras, bbqs, and all kinds of good stuff!

Ryan was entered in a hot dog eating contest. They had 2 minutes to see who could eat the most. These pictures always load in opposite order so this is when they finished. He was about to gag here!

This was during it. He was dipping the dog in his lemonade to mositen the bun so he could chew it. He didn't win but the winner got a $50 visa gift card. He said he could have won if he'd started with smaller bites. The big bites were too hard to chew. The winner ate 4 1/2 dogs and buns and Ryan ate 3 1/2.

Also, Sammy's class put on a play! They've been working for the last month or so and did a GREAT job! They play was "A Mid Summer Night's Dream" it was a very difficult play but they did an EXCELLENT job! They did it in the auditorium at Pine View High so it was a little too big for their little voices and that made it very hard to hear them but overall it was GREAT! Sammy was one of the workmen. Here she is with a couple of her fairy friends just before the night performance they did for their parents.

Great job 3rd grade class!!

I just thought again and again that I was done. But I keep forgetting that there is just more and more exciting stuff to talk about.....

Just kidding!

I thought I was done but I wasn't!! I forgot to tell about the other broken car incident and then one more funny thing from the kids. At the end of the camping trip we got all packed up and headed back down the hill for home and low and behold, POP--my tire blew! A very good samaritan stopped to help but I didn't even know IF I had a spare let alone a jack or where any of it was! So as I unloaded the trunk and attempted to find what I had, he waited patiently. I found the tire but didn't find a jack so he started looking for one in his car. Luckily for the good samaritan his job was done because Alex and Nicole pulled up just then. He quickly jumped in his car and was off and LUCKY, LUCKY Alex got to deal with the problems! Thanks Alex, we really LOVE you! Nicole very quickly found the jack, way to go smartie pants! And Alex got the blown tire off, I didn't think about pictures but it would have been a good one. We eventually figured out how to get the spare tire off and Alex got it on and let the car down, only to find out that the spare, that has apparently never been used, was flat!! So he jacked it back up and took off the flat spare and then took me in to town to get a new tire, which they had to pay for because I left my wallet in the broken down van--DUH!! Then drove me back out and put the new tire on! What an adventure!

Now a funny story. Andrew came in a couple of nights ago, after playing with a couple of the girls in the neighborhood, and informed me that Charity (see previous posts with the cute blonde sitting in the chair with him) LOVES him so much that she is going to marry him when they get big. But also, Delaney (another beautiful blonde that lives across the street) also loves him and is going to marry him TOO!! So this was pretty funny but then yesterday at the church cleaning Charity's mom was telling me about how Charity told her that she is going to marry Andrew because he is just so nice and has such a nice soft voice, I can't remember what all, and that she is going to write to him while he is on his mission. We thought that was pretty funny and wondered how a 5 year old even knows about such things.

So THEN, yes this story is getting long I know, last night I was asking Andrew if he was going to go on a mission. He says "what's a mission" I said that is when you go and teach people about the church, his response" "OH, I am DEFINITELY NOT signing up for that!!!!" His exact words. Of course I bust out laughing and then ask him why, I said don't you want to tell people about the church and Heavenly Father and Jesus so they can be happy like we are? His response: "I am NOT happy about that church! I don't want to go there anymore!!!" While this sounds kind of like a major dilemma, I just laughed again as I am pretty sure he just feels that 3 hours is too long to have to sit and be quiet!

Last but not Least....

Or actually first because you are probably reading from the top down.....
Andrew graduated from KINDERGARTEN!!!
What a big boy! We are so proud of him and all he has learned this year!

Andrew and Mrs. Mathews, the best teacher EVER!

He wouldn't smile.

With his class at the end of their program.

Getting ready to start the program.

THEN we went camping!

The kids were SO lucky! Dad was gone for the week and since it is the very end of school mom decided to be nice and take them camping on Monday night and they got to MISS school on Tuesday! They were SO excited! We had lots of fun with Alex and Nicole and Andrew and Sammy made new friends with Alex's sister's kids! Thanks for the fun fairy houses! The kids had a BLAST!
MY kids kept insisting on going for a walk so once we finally gave in and went they weren't too happy with the result. Alex led us straight up the mountain side for about a half hour before the kids were finally done and I took them and headed back. Alex and Nicole continued on for another half hour or so and finally came to "one of the tops" and could see clear over to Quail Lake and would have been able to see St. George if the others hills weren't in the way. This was the view back towards LaVerkin from where the kids and I turned around.

It was SO HOT but Zaylee would NOT let go of her sweater! This was when we tied it around her waist. That did NOT make her happy.

Nicole about died trying to carry her straight up the hillside on her shoulders.

This was Zaylee and I back at camp after the LONG HOT hike without any water! She still wouldn't let go of the sweater.

She was trying to hide from me because she wanted her MOMMY and her mommy wasn't there! What a cutie!

Oh NO, that's not all!

Once I get around to doing something I have to do it ALL! So this is going to be a day of MANY posts!! :) First of all we had Alex and Nicole here for a visit and we had SO much fun!! Even if they did make all our cars break down!!! haha! Just Kidding. We were very glad they were here to FIX all our broken down cars!!
Alex had fun climbing the trees. Nicole really isn't hugging the tree it just looks like it. She was just giving Alex his shoes so he could get down.

Zaylee insisted someone help her down, which really meant up, so Ryan helped her up to her dad but she didn't think it was so much fun once she got up there.

We tried to go to the Enterprise reservoir for a picnic but only made it as far as the park on Main street because mom's car blew a radiator!

Thanks for the pizza guys!

We played at the water park for Gavin's birthday.

Mother's Day

Flower made of cookies and candy. Yum, Yum!

The two wonderful kids that call me MOM!

Thanks to all you wonderful people that sent me lovely Mother's Day wishes. It was much appreciated! This is the wonderful Mother's Day that Andrew made in class for me. He has such a wonderful, creative teacher! We love her so much!!


Don't ask about the panda, I don't know what the deal is with it! These are their very COOL uniforms. Hats have been ordered but still not received!

Practicing outfield

It's a hit!

Somewhere around the end of April, again the time thing not working so well for me, Andrew started T-ball. He tells everyone he doesn't like it and that his mom "MADE" him sign-up. But I think he is secretly having fun. He's already had 4 games and is doing GREAT! He even hit the ball a couple of times WITHOUT the T and that was SO exciting!!

Bubbles, Bubbles

Awhile ago, not sure exactly when as time just flies by and I can't keep track of it at all, the kids and I decided to have some bubble fun in the backyard. Before we were done we had about 6 different things of bubbles and most of the neighbor kids over joining in the fun. BUBBLES ARE SO FUN!!