Wednesday, March 26, 2008


These are the ones we drew on with crayon before we dyed them. Ready to start the hunt.
Sammy with a basket full.

Anrew at the city Easter Egg Hunt
So, I have just really been all "holidayed" out. With Valentine's day and then we had birthdays the end of Feb. I just really didn't even want anything to do with St. Patrick's Day or Easter. Luckily our ward had a St. Patrick's Day dinner so the kids did get green rolls and lots of green desserts as well as corn beef and cabbage the Friday before. I did make sure Sammy had some green to wear to school but that was the extent of it. For Easter I took them to the city egg hunt Sat. morning, which Sammy didn't even want to go to, then we died eggs at home Sat. night and then went to Grandpa and Grandma's house and had another egg hunt and dinner

Here are a couple of the pictures from inside the gun.

Army Fun

On Sat. the 15th the National Guard had family day. We went to the armory and they had bouncy houses and slides for the kids. They also had pizza, salad, and drink for everyone. We got to go see the "big guns" and the kids climbed on top of them with their dad and then we got to go inside and check it out. It was lots of fun.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

We did Sammy's too.

We had our neighbor do Sammy's hair and we didn't show her the virtual makeovers that we had done. Sammy told her she wanted it to her chin so she CHOPPED it off to her chin!! It is very, very short! I think I like it, we'll have to see over the next few days! I haven't measured her ponytails that they cut off but she said it was about 7 inches. If it is actually 8 inches she can donate it to Pantene, they also do hair donations to make wigs and there minimum is only 8 inches.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I did it!

Today was the day. I decided I was just going to do it. I talked to a neighbor that had hers cut recently and she gave me the name of a girl she really liked at the Hair college. So that is where I went. She did 12 inches in a ponytail for Locks of Love and then still trimmed it down quit a bit after that. It feels SO weird!!! But so far I really like it. We'll see how well I like it once I have to wash it and do it myself. Let me know what you think. Sammy and Andrew both really like it and Ryan doesn't even know I did it yet! He knew I was thinking about it, just not that I was going to do it today! Sammy said she did not even know who I was when she came in, until I talked to her!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Virtual Makeover

So, I've been wanting to cut my hair. I've never really had a different hairstyle for as long as I can remember. I decided to do this free virtual makeover thing today to try and get an idea of hairstyles that might look ok on me. Sammy decided to do it too. We had quite a fun time.
Tell me if you like 1, 2, or neither.

This is the one Sammy liked best for her.
I liked this one for her.

This is my 24 gun!

So, Andrew is such a funny kid. He and I were out trimming the tree and our tree has these terrible berry type balls that fall ALL over the yard. I was cutting off all the ones I could reach and he was supposed to be picking them all up and putting them in the trash can for me but instead he was pulling off all the balls and making "guns" out of the sticks. So he's talking to me and saying "mom, look at my gun, it's just a little gun. This is my 22 gun, it's just a handgun" and I'm going ok, a little too much time spent in gun training with Uncle Aaron. I'm sure Aaron and his dad will be so proud. The trimming contiunes and soon he says "see this gun, mom, it is a bigger gun, it's my 23 gun." So now I'm just laughing and thinking "okay, maybe he doesn't know too much about guns quite yet." Feeling a bit relieved we continue on and not long after he says "mom, see this big guy, this is my BIG gun" so I'm like "wow, what is that gun called."? Yep you guessed it "it's my 24 gun!!" haha! I just had to laugh! But I was quite impressed that he knew 22, 23, and 24 all in a row!