Wednesday, January 28, 2009


As we were eating dinner the other night I was noticing how both of our kids have their dad's eyes. I think Sammy's and Andrew's are a little bit more blue than Ryan's but they all sure look a lot a like! :) This was Ryan's TWO month growth of a goatee. He actually had that long between drills so he didn't HAVE to shave. He was pretty proud! You can see a lot more red in his facial hair than the hair on his head.

Out with the Old, In with the New

I know I already talked about the new tv. Just thought I'd put a couple of pictures of what we went from to what we went to. :)


SO I was thinking about the funny discussion we had at our girls lunch, a bunch of girls from my high school class got together for lunch a couple of weeks ago, we were talking about Diana's post about her kids thinking she isn't a nerd.
I decided to ask my kids their opinion on the subject of whether or not I am a nerd. First Sammy says "No, you're not a nerd" then after thinking for a couple of minutes she says "Well, maybe you are a half nerd" I was thinking ok that is interesting so I asked "what do you mean?" she said "you are only a half nerd because nerds are smart and ugly" I thought hmmm...not sure I WANT her to elaborate on that one but alas she says "you are smart but not ugly". Ahhh! Sometimes kids can be nice to their parents.
I thought it was interesting that kids had the same interpretation of "Nerds are smart" I didn't tell her anything about nerds, I just asked if she thought I was one.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Some $800 Later!

We don't have any more power problems, although we are still on a temporary fix right now. It turns out our main breaker was bad, which apparently "almost never happens" and will be $280 to replace. Unfortunately, because this is so rare, no one in town actually had the breaker that we need so it will be 10 days before they can get it in. They replaced it with a different one to get us by for the 10 days and then will come again and install the correct one once they get it.

So you say, $280 isn't close to $800 what is she thinking?! Well the power problems managed to ruin our TV so OF COURSE we had to replace the cheap $200 27" RCA with a $500 32" Vizio LCD HDTV! It is interesting, with a dark brown frame as opposed to the regular black or grey we normally see. The brown is so dark that if no one told you you'd probably just look at it and think it is black. The picture actually makes it look much more brown than it does in person.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Never Been Tagged Before

Hubby Tagged
I was tagged by Shelly
1. Where did you meet your husband? We went to high school together. He always says he remembers me since 9th grade when we moved there but I don't really remember him until our senior year when we had seminary together.
2. How long did you date? A long time! We didn't really date until after we were out of school but then we dated off and on for about 3 years.
3. How long have you been married? We will be married 9 years in April!!
4. What does he do that surprises you? Hmm, that is a good question. He is pretty predictable so not a lot surprises me. Lately he has been getting up and doing dinner dishes and that was very surprising. He never used to do that.
5. What is your favorite feature of his? He is very tall and handsome.
6. What is his best quality? He is a hard worker. He works 1 full time job. 1 part-time job and is in the National Guard.
7. Does he have a nick name for you? Babe
8. What is his favorite food? Lasagna. Only my homemade though, nothing else is as good.
9. What is his favorite sport? Well if shooting guns is a sport then that would be it. He doesn't watch or follow any sports besides a little UFC once in a while.
10.When and where was your first kiss? Gads, who knows! We were in high school so probably about 12 years ago, give or take a few months.
11. What is your favorite thing to do as a couple? We love to work out. Going to the gym or doing workout videos at home. We also love to eat out and go to movies.
12. Do you have children? We have 2 kids: Sammy and Andrew.
13. Does he have hidden talents? If so they must be well hidden!! haha J/k. I don't really know. I think he has a talent for remember useless information. Especially if he heard it on TV.
.14. How old is he? 20, just ask him!! He will be 20 forever. Really he is going to hit the big 30 here in about a month. He is not too excited about it!
15. Who said I love you first? I don't know! Probably him.
16. His favorite music? Mostly Rock. He loves Metallica but listens to country when he is around me because that is about all I listen to.
17. What do you admire most about him? That he is such a hard worker and does what he has to to take care of our family.
18. What is his favorite color? I don't know. My kids asked him not too long ago but I don't remember what he said. I know he said Red was his favorite when he was a kid. I asked Sammy and she said he told her he doesn't have one!
19. Will he read this? No! He never reads any blogs unless he is waiting for me to get off the computer!
I tag……Cary Zwang. Nicole Gubler, Brittany Wallace, and Cindy Mechem. WOW that was the hardest part! I don't know very many people!

Electrician Needed

If anyone knows any good, "cheap" electricians in the area, let me know! We've been having some power issues for the last week or so. We keep having power surges and the power goes off and on but only in half the house. I called the power company but they just told me I may have a "neutral" that's gone bad and I need to call an electrician. I've asked around got a couple of names and have a tentative appt. for someone to come out on Mon. They said we may have a ground that's loose or something. I just don't know anyone and don't want to get ripped off. We actually had a light blulb blow up last night. I was tending some neighbor kids and they turned the nightlight on in Andrew's room and the bulb just burst. It was a clear bulb but now looks silver. I decided we better do something about it before our house burns down!! I hate house problems!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Fire and Snow

We had a little hail storm this evening. The kids had fun making snow angels on the driveway.

It was also our neighbors annual Christmas Tree burning party. We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and drank homemade Hot Chocolate! YUMMY!!

Sammy drew a Snowman in the hail on the driveway.

Ryan decided to make the party a "little" more exciting by throwing a whole bag of engineered powder that they use for the cannons into the fire. This was the result!

If you look close you can see the people standing next to the flames. There is an entire Christmas tree on top of a 6 foot barrell.