Friday, April 9, 2010

Field Trip 1st Grade

Andrew at BrushFire Pottery
Whole class at the library

Judd's store and property

Andrew andFriends on the Bus

April Fools Day

I never do anything for April Fool's Day. I think it is a dumb holiday. I don't like people playing tricks on me and I am not creative at all so I never play tricks on others. But last year my friend Jenn did the cutest dinner for her kids and I remembered it ALL year long!! So I decided to do the same thing for my kids this year, hope you don't mind that I am a copycat Jenn!! :) It was really funny. My kids didn't know what to think at all. Sammy was mad at first but then decided it was pretty fun. She did a post about it on her blog if you want to see the details there.