Thursday, April 24, 2008

Kite Festival

And the one last event we attended, which the kids look forward to ALL year, was the annual kite festival at Sun River. We went to it on Sat. the 19th but I didn't get ANY pictures. It ended up being a TERRIBLY windy day. We never could get Sammy's new kite, that she earned by reading over 1400 minutes from Jan. 7th to April 15th, to fly. They had all kinds of fun bounce houses and slides and stuff that we spent $10 for tickets on and only got to use 3 tickets before they all started shutting down because the wind was so strong it was blowing them all over. The kids wanted a snow cone but the line was SO long at it that I made them settle for a ice cream or popsicle because there was NO line there and then we left and went back to Grandma's club house and went swimming inside. I guess overall it turned out ok. She got a crummy kite, some ice cream and finally got to go swimming again. I've about had enough of the WIND already though. I have enjoyed the cooler weather very, very much. I just wish it didn't have to come with SO dang much WIND!

And Last but Not Least.....

Andrew had his end of year, whole school- about 30 3 - 5 year olds, picnic yesterday at the new Green Springs Park. This is probably the closest park to us and it is still 1.8 miles from our house. Andrew and I know well how far 1.8 miles is. I made him walk up there Monday when we were bored. We went and had a fun picnic and played for a couple of hours. All was well until it was time to walk home, he did NOT think that was a fine idea at all. He wanted me to call Dad, but Dad was at work. He wanted me to call Grandma, but she was at work. He got lucky when our Bishop came by in his new Cadillac and offered us a ride home. They had face paiting, Andrew has really been obsessed with Black Widow spiders lately so that is what he chose for his painting.
They had an obstacle course and other fun games, that Andrew refused to do because when his mom is there he doesn't do anything. Funny story here though: I was talking to his teacher about how he does if I'm not there and she said he gets right in and does everything. However, she said, when they were practicing their dancing for their graduation Andrew refused to dance with any of the boys. They all tried to get him too but he said no. So Teacher Jackie told him to go ahead and pick the partner he wanted. She he went and picked Kella, one of the girls, and then danced away. His dad was "VERY PROUD" when I told him this. He is sure there is no chance of him growing up to be gay now.
They also played in the water, which Andrew again refused to do.
Had a fun treasure hunt for bugs and other insects in the "jungle"
And had lunch. All in all it was a really fun day.

Still more.......

The babies are all growing up SO fast! Drake will be 1 year old a week from tomorrow! What a cutie!
And then Hannah will be there a short 6 weeks after Drake
She is all Sugar and Spice and Everthing Nice!
Andrew got this snake as a party favor at a friend's birthday party. The instructions say to put it in water for up to 5 days to watch it grow.....
And BOY did it GROW!!

More, more, more....

So I wondered what would happen with my curl when I cut off all my hair, I found out that it is still there!
Conference weekend fun at the Red Hill. Sammy, Andrew, and Lydia
Havin' so much fun
Sunday April 13th we celebrated Grandpa and Grandma Cluett's 25th wedding anniversary with a dinner and lots of family fun at our house.
Our niece, MaKayla, enjoying one of the lovely blue flowers off the cake

Catch up for April

Ok, so I have been REALLY slacking on the whole blog thing. I don't really know why other than I just haven't been in the "mood" and slacking is definitely what I do best. So here are a whole bunch of things that have been happening since Easter, nothing spectacular, just the normal day to day stuff....
Sammy's New Bike from Easter
Andrew and his New Bike from Easter
Our WHOLE primary, pretty much, at the temple for an activity
Sammy's School Play
Sammy saying her part.