Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Inside

Nice Roomy Trunk

Center Console (only weird thing, there is no arm rest)


Front Seat

Back Seat

Mom's New Car

You'll have to get details from Mom if you don't know them already but here is her new car!!
Side by side with her old one. They are just about the same size. I think the new one (2009 Nissan Versa) is actually a little more roomy inside.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Did You Know Wal-mart Sells Used Coats??

Well I didn't. But I found out when we almost had to buy Andrew's coat that we accidentally left there yesterday! We were shirt shopping for picture day and set his coat on top of the rack while we were looking at shirts. We got busy and tired and forgot it when we left. We went back today, after we remember where we had left it. I asked at Customer Service and they didn't have it. Asked at the dressing rooms and they thought they'd seen it but couldn't find it. So we went back to the rack where I knew I had set it down, but it wasn't there either. As I was glancing around I was like haha, there it is. Someone must have picked it up and put it on a hanger and just hung it up. So I went over to grab it, only to find out it had a $10 price tag on it!!! Then I was confused and thought maybe it wasn't really his, his grandpa had just bought this coat for him a week ago and I didn't remember all the EXACT details of it. Andrew told me it was his, but I said no, see it has a price tag on it. We walked around for a while feeling bummed. He LOVED this coat. Finally, I thought well that other one looks a lot like it and it's only $10 for a nice heavy wool lined coat, maybe I will just buy it anyway so he won't feel so bad and Grandpa won't be mad that we lost it. So I convinced him to go back and try it on. Then the more we looked Andrew was telling me all these little things about it that he couldn't have known if it wasn't his and even told me there were little rocks in the bottom of the pocket!! lol Low and behold the pockets had a bunch of sandy dirt at the bottom. I took it back to customer service and told them the story, showed them the dirt, told them it OBVIOUSLY isn't a brand new coat. The guy was pretty flustered and didn't know what to do so he called another lady over. She looked at the brand name on it and said "we don't even sell this brand" then tore the tag off and said "here you go!" What a joke!!!

SO BUYER BEWARE!!! Next time you shop at Wal-mart your "clearance" items may just be something that someone left there and Wal-mart just stuck a price tag on to try and sell it!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Horse Fun

This is Patches, the family horse that we bought for Christmas. The kids are having SO much fun with him. The warm weather has promted MAJOR shedding of his long, thick winter coat. It was such a beautiful day that he got a nice long bath today!

We got Sammy in 4-H and the weather finally dried up enough that they got to ride! We have lots of other fun pics of the kids riding but they are on Dave's camera and I don't have a cable to get them to my computer. One of these first days....weeks.....or months!!!

Crazy Hair Day

Sammy's Crazy Hair for Dr. Seuss week

Drewski, he did finally get a hair cut today. I'll try and get a pic. He looks so different!

Slackin', I know!

So I guess when you blog for a living, blogging for fun isn't so fun! haha!

Here are some pics from my 4 1/2 hour hike last week. This is a really awesome trail but I had no idea what I was getting into. Apparently I didn't take many of what it looked like on top. I just took pics looking off the edge! Silly me. I will have to get one of the mountain from a distance so you can see what it looks like.

To the North and East to Pine Valley. What a pretty combo.

From the top looking back towards my house

A sign about half way through the trail

From the third ridge top back toward Washington

Looking off the rim to the West toward Turkey farms