Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Quick Update

So the surgery FINALLY happened about 7 pm yesterday. He got back to his room around 10 pm. He had a HORRIBLE night. The main gallstone was HUGE and they had to cut the incision bigger just to get it out. He had so much pain all night that he couldn't stand it. The wound started bleeding a lot and the nurse ended up calling the docs in at 3 am. Finally around 8 they got him on some different meds and we got him another blessing and he felt a lot better after that. Tonight his stomach is really distended and he is in a lot of pain again. They have to pump gas in when they do the surgery and there is no way to expel it. He is going to have a rough go for a few days but they are hoping to release him on Friday. Will post a nasty pic when I get home to my computer. Thanks for the prayers and well wishes and all the wonderful help.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Dave in the Hosital

So this is just an informational post. And it is going to be an abbreviated version cuz I don't want to type it all. Dave and I headed to the VA thurs afternoon. On the way he was having really bad "heartburn" type pains that tuned out to be gallstones (thanks to Kurt diagnosing it for us before we went to the ER, we were able to tell them what to look for). Long story short they sent us on our way and he went to his VA appt. (that was supposed to be for his back) on Friday morning. He has been in the hospital ever since. He ended up with gallstone pancreaitis and we had to wait for that to go away before they can do surgery and take out his gallbladder. As far as we know now the surgery will be tomorrow evening sometime and he will be released sometime a day or two after that. Thanks to mom, Tony, and Ryan for taking care of the kids that were planning on us only be one until Sat. We really appreciate all the help!