Tuesday, May 19, 2009

THEN we went camping!

The kids were SO lucky! Dad was gone for the week and since it is the very end of school mom decided to be nice and take them camping on Monday night and they got to MISS school on Tuesday! They were SO excited! We had lots of fun with Alex and Nicole and Andrew and Sammy made new friends with Alex's sister's kids! Thanks for the fun fairy houses! The kids had a BLAST!
MY kids kept insisting on going for a walk so once we finally gave in and went they weren't too happy with the result. Alex led us straight up the mountain side for about a half hour before the kids were finally done and I took them and headed back. Alex and Nicole continued on for another half hour or so and finally came to "one of the tops" and could see clear over to Quail Lake and would have been able to see St. George if the others hills weren't in the way. This was the view back towards LaVerkin from where the kids and I turned around.

It was SO HOT but Zaylee would NOT let go of her sweater! This was when we tied it around her waist. That did NOT make her happy.

Nicole about died trying to carry her straight up the hillside on her shoulders.

This was Zaylee and I back at camp after the LONG HOT hike without any water! She still wouldn't let go of the sweater.

She was trying to hide from me because she wanted her MOMMY and her mommy wasn't there! What a cutie!