Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A lot like WORK

This is Andrew's room before we did any painting with just his new spread.
This is after we moved it all around and painted. It looks much different and is much darker but Andrew loves it! Now we just need Uncle Kurt to come replace the really old crappy carpet and put in some nice new laminate!
The new Transformer stickers Andrew got for his birthday.
Here is Sammy's new room. It is very purple but looks really good. We don't have any before pictures to compare hers with but it also makes her room much darker. We also rearranged all her furniture and it gives her much more room.
Painting their rooms is part of their birthday presents this year. We decided they have way too many toys and have all the clothes they need because we've been school shopping so this was something different. But boy is it a lot of work!! If you know anyone that wants this color of purple for their house we will sell them a gallon and a quart for a really good deal. Long story! :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Birthday at home

Since his birthday is actually today I saved a couple of presents for her to open today. His new sheetsHis new comforter, he has been sleeping in flowery sheets with a flowery bedspread so we decided it was time to give him some boy stuff.
He is So excited about the Army stuff.
My newest Rock star gammin' on his guitar
He also go the sword and shield at the fair yesterday.

Happy Birthday, Andrew!!!

We love you SO much!

Andrew is 5!

Well we survived the fair. We were there for about 8 hours and Andrew and I got tired much more quickly than Ryan and Sam but we all had a great time.
Here is Ryan and Grandpa putting the candles in the cake. I bought him some cool sparkler candles but forgot them at home. duh!
Thanks for the awesome Dragon Grandpa and Grandma!
These are the presents he opened at the park: Hungry, Hungry Hippos
his cool guitar,
And these AWESOME books from Aunt Cindy
Thanks for the presents and for making it such a fun, great day for Andrew. He just couldn't blieve HOW MANY people were at his birthday. I think he thought everyone at the fair was there just for his birthday! haha!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Andrew's 5th birthday on Friday the 11th.

I never have been creative or artsy and thus have never attempted to make a cute birthday cake for my kids on their birthdays. We always let them chose one from the book at Wal-mart and just buy it. Andrew decided he wanted a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cake so I went and ordered it but was quite miffed by the hefty $20 price tag for a dumb 1/4 sheet cake. The half sheet cakes at Costco are only $15.99. SO after some thought I cancelled the order and decided to make my own. He wanted a TMNT toy so when we found this I decided to get it as a present and use it as the cake topper. These are the results of my efforts.
We had to make the cake today because we are celebrating tomorrow in Cedar during the Renaissance fair.

The fun continues...

Zaylee and Samuel just relaxin' and havin' fun at Uncle Tony's on the 4thAndrew cheesing it and showing off some of his many new clothes from Ben! Thanks Ben!
Our new concrete just poured on Tues morning. July 8th. Thanks again Jared!
We all signed our names in it.
Another view. What a great end to a fun filled week.

4th of July fun

So the fun started on Wednesday with our new French doors being installed! Thanks Jared!
View from inside the house. View from Outside the house. They have the built in mini-blinds between the glass so they can't get dirty and ruined! Yea! They tilt and raise and lower. I'm SO excited. We still have to paint and do the finishing touches.
Then Friday was the BBQ at Tony's this is my dessert I made.
Samuel was here and spent two days and nights with us while Derek and Kalistie went to Vegas.
Derek and Kalistie at the BBQ